Thursday, March 23, 2023

My Blood is Boiling

 I love my brain. 

I love hacking my brain.

My mentor describes the brain as having three parts. A robot, a monkey, and the controlling center.

Now the controlling center thinks it is in control, but it isn't.

The robot is the habitual part of the brain. It controls all the mechanical parts. Blood, breathing, repair. Studies have shown that the brain is more active when you are asleep than awake and it is precisely this part that explains why. 

My partner is taking a class right now and she said this morning that she doesn't want to miss a class because she doesn't want to forget all she is learning.

I told her she DOES want to forget everything. Really what she should do is work on it so often that the robot takes over and she doesn't actively have to remember any part of it. Remember learning to drive anyone? Same thing. Now we drive for a large part of the day and don't even think about it.

Think about this. Most people on the road are driving by robot also.

Now the monkey part. That is the emotional part. The ADD. Oh look some thing shiny, some thing fun. It will take you down rabbit holes all day long if you let it. 

You think you are in control but it is really like you are a rider on a elephant and the elephant is going to go where it wants to go. 

Everything you do is by emotion. You just rationalize it to think you have some control in your life.

The best we can hope for is making a game out of our tasks so our monkey brain doesn't get bored and wonder what it's missing on social media.

Now for a game. 

Ina moment close your eyes and think of a lemon.

Smell it. Look at the color. Imagine the weight. 

Now take a big bit out of it. In your mind.

Is your mouth watering? Is your face puckering?

Are you having a physical response to a totally imagined thought?

Now what if you could hack your brain for other responses? 

That is what happened to me today. A totally unreal, thought made me upset and got my blood to boil. In the end though it did cause me to write new blog. 

Friday, March 10, 2023

The Jesus Revolution.

I went to see the Jesus Revolution the day it was released. I thought it was awesome. It reminded me

of the times I was able to work services for Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie. Fine people.

It also reminded me of my little part of the story.

Let's go back to when I was seven years old. My babysitter let me stay up to watch Don Kirchner's

Rock Concert one night. Alice Cooper was on. I thought he was really weird, but his guitar players were

so cool. That started a cycle of asking for a guitar for Chirstmas, then my Eighth Birthday. Then for

Christmas. Then my Ninth Birthday. Then For Christmas again. 

I am sure I wasn't the most pleasant of children by then because my brother, who by the way, didn't

even want a guitar got an electric guitar and amp, and I received a cheap plastic acoustic with plastic

strings. We both got 32-page Mel Bay beginning books and I got a book of twelve Christmas Songs.

On a side note by 5:00 PM that night I had learned all 32 pages and I held a, I'm sure crappy, concert

of the 12 songs. 

I was so happy with that little guitar. There were a couple of Nuns at the school I went to that played.

They would teach me different picking patterns. I remember them asking me if I wanted to join them to

play at nursing homes, soup kitchens, and orphanages after school during the week. 

My Dad at the time was converting Latin Masses to any one of the dozen or so languages he spoke.

I often stayed at school from 8:00 AM till 9:00 PM.

This went on for years. In Seventh Grade, as I was told, The Roman Catholic Church wanted to develop

a Guitar Mass in response to this thing called the Jesus Movement. I remember hearing that a lot of

High School and College students were leaving the church and joining it.

They asked a Nun who was staying at the convent to perform the Mass. Her name was Sister

Bernadette and there had been a movie about her called The Singing Nun about her 1963 hit called

Dominique. I remember her saying that she had enough popularity but there was a group at the

convent that performed all over town and that she was sure we would do a fine job.

Well after, I'm sure, weeks of practice the day came. We were to do three Masses. The morning mass,

a specials performance after school for the parents, and the big show, The Evening Mass. Like people

from Rome and from all over the world were going to be there. 

The morning Mass went perfectly. I thought we did a fine job. I remember being nervous but not as

nervous as the Sisters I was playing with.

The afternoon performance for the parent was a different thing. 

I couldn't tune my guitar. I kept trying and trying but it went out of tune on each song. After the third or

fourth song my Seventh-grade teacher. I will not state her name here even though I know she is long

dead, came up to me and started yelling that I was an embarrassment to the Church, an

embarrassment to my family, an embarrassment to my school, my friends, and to GOD!

I still remember looking at the faces of the parents. I can still see her face yelling at me. 

She said there was no place for a guitar in church.

I did what any twelve-year-old would do. I threw my guitar down and ran crying out of the building.

Outside of the school, there was a pavilion and then a parking lot up a hill. At the top of the hill you

could go left to soccer and baseball fields or to the left to a cemetery.

The cemetery had a giant Crucifix and on days that I was having to stay late, I would go there. I always

wondered about a Crucifix but a dove would fly over and circle three times and land on my right side

and I would talk to it. To my young brain that was the Holy Spirit and I knew he was real.

That day I threw myself on the ground and cried out to God. "Why am I alive?" "I am such a waste of

breath." A waste of time." "An embarrassment." "Lower than a worm."

About thirty minutes passed and one of the Nuns found me. She said the whole school was looking for

me. She said that my teacher should have never said those things. That there were a group of people

that didn't want things to change. She also told me that when they looked at my guitar they could see

where someone stepped on the neck and cracked it. There was no way it would hold a tune, but if I

wanted to play that night I could borrow her guitar.

Now the funniest part happened about thirty years later. 

I was driving down a road and I saw a church with a sign that said Catholic Evangelical and I thought,

that’s a contradiction of terms. I noticed that the start time was in about five minutes so I quickly parked

and went in. 

The service was the same as I remembered. Lots of standing and kneeling at certain times. Call and

response. They did have guitars playing music. There was a man and three women and only three


After the service, I approached the group and spoke to the man. I asked about the instrumentation.

He explained that three women and one man with three guitars was the preferred tradition for a guitar


No, I didn’t tell him why it was the tradition. I am still amazed it became one.

In the movie they stated that the Jesus movement lasted from 1966 till 1972. The year I played that

guitar Mass. But I don't think that it has stopped yet.

Oh, I still talk to doves.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Rain Rain. Bub Bye.

 I am pretty excited right now. I am leaving tomorrow to drive back to Nashville for 10 days.

I am shooting a Pilot with my GF and starting to record Season 3 of The Underground Gospel Show.

I will go to church and head out after the first service. I am going to go through Phoenix AZ. then cut up to Gallup NM.

There is a ton of snow and the 15 is closed so I am going South before heading East. There are Costco's in Phoenix and Albuquerque so I'll be able to get tier 1 gas. Then it's cheap gas from Texas to Tennessee.

I have so many great books to listen to on the way out there. I was walking by the library computer and I saw a recommendation for Julie Soloman's book. Get Everything You Want. Now I am not much for clickbait but I downloaded it and have been listening for the past couple of days. Last night she started talking about her website. Of course, I started laughing out loud. The number one skill I am developing this year is Pitching. Pitching is what you have to do after you write a screenplay. Somehow my inner librarian knew that I needed to her what she had to say about the subject.

I am getting a lot out of it and can't wait to develop a killer Origin Story and Pitch for each of my shows.

I have also been compiling a list of Creative and Development Execs using IMDbPro. People I am going to call to set meetings before I return to LA in a couple weeks.

Anyways back to my list of Vital Priorities to get done today before I leave. 

Anything you would like t see me cover on The Underground Gospel Show? Drop me a line. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

I'm back

 It has been a while since I have made a post here and as the title suggests, I'm back.

In the book The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron suggests that we start each day with writing 3 pages. I started a habit four years ago of writing in a book I call my Book of Awesome that best thing that happened the day before. Now I must admit I miss ten or fifteen entries a year but I have been very consistent. I woke up yesterday with the thought of adding this to my website and writing in it every day since I have so much going on.

What's going on you wonder?

This year I call my 1331 plan.

I have 1 show in production.

I have 3 shows in pre production.

I have 3 shows I am actively pitching.

I have 1 show I am writing.

Before covid, we had two shows we had shot. Aye La View (prononced I Love You) a show about the views of the cities we were in and I H8 My City. A show staring Paula Beck Williams as Mable and myself as Preston Throckmorton. We would sit in traffic for a couple hours and look for stupid people. 

Netfilx was open to season 1 of  Ays La but they lost interest after Covid shut down all travel. Youtube was looking at I H8 My City but they closed their production unit. Since we had all this data we are resuacting I H8 My City and will be releasing it on Tic Tok and other short social metverses. It is in preproductin now.

I will be shooting the 3rd season of The Underground Gosple Show starting mid March. A new game show called Cash Evator, and the 3rd season of I H8 My City. In May.

Okay enough for now I have to get on to my next vital priority. 

Talk soon y'all.

Monday, December 21, 2015

You have a problem

Well we all do. In fact Jesus said, "You will have troubles."
So as my Pastor once said. "Let me give you a seven day forecast."
"Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble trouble, trouble, trouble."

I have some good news for you.

I can also tell you what you do for a living,

That is because we are all problem solvers.

The human race has become what it is by overcoming and solving, Yes thats right, PROBLEMS.

Can't find a job,? Well no one whats to give you a job. What they do want is someone that can solve their problem, or even better problems.

I had an HR director call me into the office once and ask me what I did at their company. I told her I solved problems. She asked me which one's I told her to ask the President of the company. She said she had. "What was his response" I asked?
She said he had told her he was unsure what exactly I did but whenever I worked there no one else had to work as hard. I was freelance and would work on and off a few months a year for about 6 years.
It really bugged her because there was no place to categorize me. So to solve her problem I quit. I was told later they had hired 5 different people to replace me before they finally fired her. Lol

Now think about this. Our species has very little hair for the elements. We have small teeth, We are not the best climbers or even close to the fastest runners, or the strongest. So how did we survive? We solved problems.
Have a problem. Well that's great. Just think about 10 years ago. You had one then also. You solved that one and you will solve this one also.

My son Lance told me once his view on suicide. "Suicide." he said, "doesn't solve your problems it just guarantees that your problems won't be solved, while giving greater problems to the ones you think won't miss you."

Thats why people say its selfish.

So next time you are faced with a problem, smile and realize that you where created, evolved, trained, bred, or became self aware to solve it.

If your problems are really overwhelming I have 3 things to do.

  1. Pray. I know you know God already knows your life and problems but sometime our greatest problems are just not talking enough to Him. 
  2. Meditate. If prayer is us talking to God meditation is him talking back. So sometimes it is a good idea to just shut up and listen. What if God doesn't speak back?
    1. Read His word. For 4000 years people have been solving their problems by going to the Bible. It just may work for you
    2. Listen to others. God will speak through others and they might not even know it. Maybe even through this blog. One can only hope.
    3.  A still small voice, Pray for discernment. You will hear 3 voices in your head, Your, Gods, and Satans, A test I have always used is to go back to the Bible. If you get a scripture number look it up. Why do I believe it is God speaking? First I don't know the Bible well enough to quote it and Satan will never, ever, use it. So if you get a verse in your head and look it up and it seems to have been written for your specific situation. That's God and it was...
  3. Do something. You cannot steer a parked car, boat, or life. Do something. Fail forward. Fail often, but definitely do something. I have to admit I believe more in blessings than I do in luck but I have seen to many miracles to think that it is just coincidence. One thing they all have in common. They happened while someone was doing something else. Key word, Doing.

Well that takes care of the problem I had today. What to Blog about.

Merry Christmas.  -Art

Friday, December 18, 2015

Yeah, that's something I probably would still do.

A few years ago I was working as a stagehand at what is now Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. One of the shows coming through was the American Idol Tour. After a few hours they gave us a break or it may have been that I came back to run spot or backline for the show call, anyway we went into catering and fixed dinner. This year they had two lines one for vegetarians and a normal one. I think it was because Sanjaya Malakar, Jordan Sparks and Melinda Doolittle were all vegetarians.

I got into line and noticed I was standing behind Jordan and Melinda. They were chatting.

Melinda turns to me and say "Oh hey, How are you doing?"

I replied. "Great, Thank you."

She then asked If I was still working at Belmont.

Strange question. I told her that Yes I still worked out there occasionally, but I work everywhere.

Then I asked "Melinda, Do I know you?"

She laughed and said I must not have remembered her and it had been a few years. We had met at a Mercy Me concert held at the Belmont Gym. I had walked outside for some reason and found her and a friend of hers by the stage door. She had been the Mascot for the Belmont teams and didn't have tickets to get into the show. She was hoping to meet the band and maybe get a autograph on their way to their bus. She said I walked both of them in and introduced them to the singer, Bart Millard, and the lead guitar, Barry Graul, players in Mercy Me. Both of which I had known for a while. She said I had made such a great impression on her because of my "this is just a normal thing to do" attitude. She was totally blown away because it was her first real backstage experience. She was trying to be so cool and we were all so nice. Not what she had expected us to be.
Now I laughed. I told her I was sorry because I didn't remember doing that at all, but Bart and Berry were friends and after all, that is something I would have totally done.

I forget that mine is a world of wonder to those on the other side of the barricade.

It also always amazes me how a simple kindness is returned and remembered.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Love your Neighbor

Jesus said to Love your Neighbor. 

Practical app: 

So if you go to your neighbors house because they have a 6 month old and offer to babysit so they can have a much needed date night and you see pipe bombs, dozens of assault riffles, and thousands of round of Ammo. You might want to alert the authorities. Not because you're "terrified" but because you love the neighbors on the other side too. BTW offering to babysit is just one of dozens of things you can do to love your neighbors. I have always made it a task to know people on all sides of my house. Like 4-6 neighbors wide. When I see them working I always make it a point to find a way to help.

Love is also a action.